Promote and sell through chat

Get a helpful chat bot for your online shop with no coding and scripting required

Get to know Mr. Chatbot

Mr. Chatbot is a program that integrates with Facebook Messenger to give online shops' owners an opportunity to provide best shopping experience for their customers.

Mr.Chatbot is a high-quality solution for those who want an e-commerce chatbot in no time. Take a second and explore how it works!

Adding the bot

User adds your shop, powered by Mr. Chatbot, to a conversation in Messenger and starts interacting with it using natural language. It is as simple as chatting with a friend or a colleague.

Processing messages

Using the power of artificial intelligence Mr. Chatbot processes messages and responds to the user within seconds.

Giving users what they want

User gets comprehensive information about your products, sales offers, news and social media content as well as instant support and opportunity to buy products.

Messengers bear new opportunities for e-commerce

With millions of users across different platforms messengers are quickly becoming new marketing channels. According to a Business Insider report the audience of messaging apps is already greater than the userbase of social media. So don't miss an opportunity and start developing your messenger presence today!

Mr. Chatbot is here to make your customers happy

Spend less time worrying about operational questions and more focusing on your customers.

Easy to get started

To start using Mr. Chatbot as your own store's bot no coding or scripting is required. We provide whitelabel solution ready to be implemented in minutes.

Real talk

Mr. Chatbot can understand natural language ordinary people use and communicate with them in the same manner making conversations realistic and trustworthy.

No sleep

Mr. Chatbot doesn’t get tired, being late or absent – it will assist your clients 24/7 and get significant workload on its robotic shoulders.

Your salesperson for $0.25/hour

One of our primary goals is to help shops' owners to reduce operational costs and increase sales, so only for $189/month Mr.Chatbot is the most competitive employee. Join the waiting list to try it yourself.